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Have You Been Charged with Impaired Driving , DUI - Over 80 in Ontario? what you need to know about Drinking & Driving:

Charged DUI RIDE Spotcheck Generally when a person is charged with a drinking or driving offence this is the first time that they have ever dealt with the police or the courts and the whole process is quite frightening and confusing. Understandably they have a number of questions:
Although the prospects may seem bleak when you are first charged with a DUI drinking and driving offence it must be remembered that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty and the Crown bears the heavy burden of proving all essential elements of the case beyond a reasonable doubt.

"presumed innocent until proven guilty"

These cases can be won and given the heavy penalties involved you owe it to yourself to seek the best possible representation from an experienced lawyer with a proven record of success defending these types of cases. As a former Crown Attorney in Toronto with over 30 years of courtroom experience successfully prosecuting and defending these cases I can guarantee you the best possible defence. ..please read on...
If you are uncertain about your rights and need to win the case to keep your licence and avoid a criminal record then why not call me? My initial consultation is always free.

The Festive RIDE Spotchecks are now in Full Force - Drink Responsibly

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If you have been Charged with a Drinking & Driving Offence,
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Impaired Driving DUI Lawyers Toronto DUI and Impaired Driving Charges in Ontario, Drinking and driving, over 80, fail to provide or refuse to provide breath sample, excess blood alcohol and other drunk driving offences. Michael Engel is a Leading Criminal  defence Lawyer Who has argued in front of the Supreme Court of Canada and a record second to none defending impaired driving charges in Ontario Impaired Driving DUI Lawyers Toronto